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At Vitreo, our business is our clients' business. We employ a holistic, transparent approach to software development involving our clients throughout the development process. We deliver working software early and often, and collect continuous feedback. You will always know that your project is on track because you will see continual progress and have the freedom to make adjustments when necessary. With a clear view of how your project is progressing, you will have the information you need to ensure success.

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Your business must be able to understand and anticipate the future needs of your market. Your business applications must be able to adapt to your needs. We strive to learn everything we can about your goals so that we can become a proactive partner in realizing them. Our primary objective is to understand and help your realize your vision.


Great vision is nothing without the determination and skill to act upon it, and speed-to-market is often critical. You have an idea, need, or goal and you need it to be realized within weeks, sometimes days — not months or years. Vitreo uses agile development processes to deliver innovative solutions to our clients and their customers as rapidly as possible.


You are investing in your vision and you need to be sure you will achieve your goals. Our clients are directly involved and aware of the status of their projects at all times. End user feedback is gathered early and often. Vitreo will provide you with the information and metrics you need to know your project will be successful — long before you've crossed the finish line.

About us


Vitreo was inspired by the latin root vitre which means glass-like or transparent. We have seen so much frustration and failure under the traditional Black Box approach to software development - where a development team gathers requirements and goes off to implement the project in near isolation from the client or customer. Too often the end result is not what anyone expected or hoped for but by the time they realize this, it is almost always too late. Deadlines are missed, budgets are blown, and no one is happy. We feel there is a better way. We believe the development process should be transparent. Clients should be directly involved. Only by understanding the process and seeing the progress of your project can you make the critical decisions and adjustments that will make it a success.

Our approach

At Vitreo, our business is our clients’ business. To us this has two equally important meanings. We feel it is our job to understand your business and your vision so that we can help you achieve your goals. We also feel it is our responsibility to provide our clients with full visibility into our process and the work we are doing for them. We feel that this openness is critical in our partnership with our clients and can provide both sides with the insight and knowledge they need to make the right decisions and ensure success.


Creative Tools for your Business

Customized Solutions

Sometimes, there just isn't an off-the-shelf solution that meets your company's needs. More often, those solutions require customization, configuration, and consultation by the vendor and still don't align well with your business processes. In these cases, a well designed custom application can be an excellent investment. At Vitreo, we listen to our customers' needs, review their business processes, and assist them in designing simple, powerful, and effective solutions that help their business run more efficiently, and become more profitable.

Application Development

Our primary strength is helping our clients translate their visions into software solutions. Our wide breadth of experience across many industries and technologies provides our clients with a unique perspective on how to best accomplish their goals. Our rapid, agile development process enables our clients to see results quickly and make adjustments early and efficiently — saving time and money.


Our team has experience with a wide variety of technologies. The list below does not represent every technology we've ever used - we don't think you'd want to read that anyway. (Yes, we've done Perl in the past but we don't really want to do that again!)

  • ASP.NET & Microsoft .NET Framework
  • HTML 5 and CSS 3
  • Javascript:
    • Ajax
    • jQuery
    • Backbone.js
    • Google Maps
    • and more...
  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails
  • Java/J2EE
  • Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, RavenDB

User Experience

At Vitreo, users are at the center of all our decisions. Whether the users are our clients, their employees, their customers, or all of the above - no application can be successful unless it helps users efficiently achieve their goals. Emerging and evolving technologies are making it increasingly possible to give users a responsive, intuitive experience in any application whether it be on the web or on their desktop. We always have an eye on the latest technologies so that we can leverage them where applicable in our solutions to give our clients a competitive advantage.

Case studies

Local experts with global connections.

Sotheby’s International Realty (SIR) is a global network of realty offices serving select metropolitan and resort markets in many of the of the world’s most sought-after locations. From spacious condominiums with Central Park views in Manhattan to sprawling ranches in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, you can find it all on their public website,

The backbone behind, as well as most of SIR’s online marketing, is an inventory and marketing management application called Atlas. Prior to founding Vitreo, Vitreo employees were responsible for the technical design and implementation of Atlas, and SIR has engaged us to continue maintaining and enhancing the application.

Atlas is a powerful application that enables SIR employees across the world to manage information regarding their home listings, global offices, and agents. The information is then used to feed as well as other major real estate web sites and publications such as, New York Times, and Each day the system receives a new feed of listings from Sotheby’s parent company’s system, and marketing information must be added via Atlas. Atlas provides a user dashboard that keeps users informed of which Listings require their attention. Custom rules are applied to all data to ensure that only complete, quality information is approved and distributed. Atlas provides many custom features including mapping properties with Google Maps, fine-tuning the map placement, and management of photos for listings. In addition, SIR corporate and executive users use the system to monitor inventory and run reports on company performance.

Redefining the role of the traditional benefits broker.

HealthFirst Benefits is a full-service employee benefits management firm providing all aspects of benefits management to employers and their employees. HealthFirst came to Vitreo with a desire to stay ahead of their competitors by providing easy on-line benefits management services to their clients. “Vitreo came highly recommended, but still I was skeptical,” says Richard Cusack, President of HealthFirst. “The cost of buying an off-the-shelf system was prohibitive and I didn’t think we could afford a custom built version of what we wanted.”

Vitreo helped HealthFirst prioritize their ideas based on what would provide them the most business value. Some of the most valuable features identified were:

  • Employers should be able to easily add/remove employees to/from their benefit plans
  • All users should be able to easily access documents pertaining to their benefits
  • All users should be able to easily submit a customer service request to HealthFirst
  • HealthFirst administrators should be able to administer employers, benefit plans, and documents for the system

Together we were able to design a streamlined application that allowed HealthFirst to meet their goals well within their budget. “Vitreo was awesome. The project was completed under budget and under the timeframe and is still performing for us and our clients today.”

Stock imagery and other stimuli for creative work

Stimuluxe’s initial goal was to provide a unique experience for purchasing stock imagery online that was aimed specifically at graphic designers and creative professionals. Vitreo helped Stimuluxe combine the common features of a stock photography e-commerce site with their unique vision and image licensing offerings.

Stimuluxe’s initial goal was to provide a unique experience for purchasing stock imagery online that was aimed specifically at graphic designers and creative professionals. Vitreo helped Stimuluxe combine the common features of a stock photography e-commerce site with their unique vision and image licensing offerings.

Our solution included:

  • Online searching and browsing of digital imagery
  • Free low-resolution, watermarked, downloadable images for trial use in “comp” work
  • Ability for users to manage a “Folio,” or wishlist, of images they are interested in
  • Custom shopping cart and secure checkout functionality with immediate digital downloads of purchased images
  • Two distinct image licenses and price structures: Royalty-Free and Stimuluxe own FlexRight &153; licensing
  • Stimuluxe is currently working with Vitreo on the next phase of their web site which will expand beyond digital imagery and offer a variety of products and services designed to stimuluate and inspire creative professionals.


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