Faster isn't always better, but better is always faster.

Software Expertise

Whether you need a team, or your team needs help: our experience can help you reach your goals.

  • Custom development
  • Skill gap analysis and training
  • Performance analysis and tuning
  • Infrastructure assessment
  • Bug tracking and analysis
  • Security auditing

Product Strategy

You've got a vision for where your business needs to be, and you need technical expertise to help you get there.

  • Scoping and roadmapping
  • Architecture guidance
  • Solution design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Cloud migration
  • Success metrics

Technical Leadership

Our passion is building high-functioning software teams. We can help you deliver faster with increased quality.

  • Fix and reduce bugs
  • Improve code reviews
  • Pay down technical debt
  • Agile / Lean / XP coaching
  • Automated testing
  • Improving delivery efficiency


We treat our clients as partners and our goal is to help them with their business in whatever way we can. Sometimes all that's needed is tweaking an existing process or sharing some of our skills and experience through training. Other times they need us to roll up our sleeves and build out some software to help them get the job done.

We're motivated by solving problems and removing obstacles for our clients. You know your business, we know technology. Together, we can find the best path toward achieving your goals.

  • We believe in transparency and mutual success
  • We work within your budget to deliver the right solution
  • We take a holistic approach - building software is not always the answer

Recent Projects

  • Scaling Out To The Cloud

    Migrate your applications to cloud-based infrastructure in a predictable, standardized way.

    One of our clients was feeling the pain of outdated infrastructure, a growing application portfoio and a hodge-podge of deployment tactics used by their developer. They needed to scale, but didn't want to just "forklift" their current problems into the cloud.

    We helped them analyze and document their current infrastructure and map out a cloud migration strategy that would minimize disruption during the process.

    In addition, we helped them identify best-of-breed tools and processes to standardize the way they build, integrate, and deploy their applications, even across different programming languages and platforms. Standardizing and automating much of their software delivery pipeline allowed disparate teams to follow a common process and understand how their work integrated with their entire application portfolio.

  • Delivering Millions of High-Res Images

    Your images, any size, anywhere in the world - fast.

    For one of our clients in the real estate industry, their photos are by far their most important asset for marketing. Their agents upload high resolution images which are used all over the web, and viewed by customers all over the world. Their home-grown solution was bursting at the seams, and they knew they needed to move to a cloud-based solution that could grow along with them.

    Using the cloud offerings from Amazon Web Services, we updated their photo management and delivery systems to store all their images in the cloud, to generate all the sizes they need from retina displays to thumbnails using a Content Distribution Network to enable fast image delivery globally.

    Our system used Elastic Beanstalk, Cloudfront, S3, and AWS Lambda to create a completely scalable solution that will never have our clients sweating about outgrowing their resources again!

  • Single Sign-On

    Our client asked us to help them build an integrated, Single Sign-On solution to enable their employees world-wide to log in once and have seamless access to all the applications, services, and APIs they use on a daily basis.

    Leveraging open source and Open ID Connect - a standard identity and authentication protocol promoted by Google and Microsoft among others - we built and deployed a customized solution that integrated with our client's Active Directory servers to allow their employees to use their corporate logins to access resources from anywhere.

    We helped them update a variety of ASP.NET, PHP, and Node.js applications - even some of their partners' applications - to use the Single Sign-On service as the primary point of authentication. We were able to securely give each application only the information it needed, while saving their employees the hassle of maintaining multiple logins and separate accounts.