March 16, 2020

(Software) Love in the Time of COVID-19

by Brian Donahue

It’s been a scary week. Like many of you, I’ve been dealing with sudden work and family changes regarding school closings, working remotely and, of course, the changing economic landscape. My schedule has been completely thrown for a loop.

But I still have a desire to keep busy and feel useful. I love working with teams that are passionate about building software. If your team or business needs help with software development, managing or transitioning to remote software development, I am available and happy to chat.

At Vitreo, I have worked with and managed remote software teams and projects for over a decade. Working remotely comes with unique challenges, but also some real benefits for technology teams. With the right tools and processes in place, it can actually help streamline your delivery process.

I also have a small team of passionate and experienced technologists, ready to assist with longer term projects and goals. We have the availability and flexibility to accommodate part-time/ad hoc or full-time engagements that work with your needs and budget.

Do not hesitate to contact us at or use the contact form below!

Some of the technical services we provide are:


  • Remote team transition, management and process improvement
  • Agile / lean / kanban implementation
  • Goal-setting and success metrics
  • Collaboration / knowledge sharing


  • Application architecture
  • Cloud migration and architecture
  • Web API Design
  • Solution design & scoping


  • Custom development & prototyping
  • Monitoring and observability
  • Bug analysis and mitigation
  • Automated testing
  • Working with and improving legacy code

Core Technologies:

  • C# / .NET / .NET Core
  • Javascript and Node.js
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Experience with many other platforms, don’t hesitate to ask!